O'Hanlon Health Consulting LLC is a for-profit government and business research and consulting firm specializing in health policy and management.

The firm was established by Barbara O’Hanlon, a recognized leader in international health policy and implementation with more than 18 years experience in providing policy-related technical assistance in 20 countries spanning Latin America, Middle East, Africa, and the former Soviet Union.

O’Hanlon Health Consulting focuses on advocacy and strategic communications to create favorable policy environments of key health issues, participatory and strategic planning to implement health policies at national and regional levels, and legal and regulatory analysis to identify policy constraints.

The consultancy also develops and applies new policy tools and methodologies, and writes and trains extensively in policy related areas such as strategic planning, stakeholder analysis, advocacy, strategic communication, and change management.

contact   Barbara O'Hanlon
phone   202.966.8233
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snail   5727 Moreland Street, NW
Washington, DC 20015


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